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3D IPA 6.6%:

3D IPA showcases the three dimensions of a classic West Coast IPA: hops, hops and more hops! It features hefty additions of American hops on a NZ malt base. The resinous, citrus and tropical fruit qualities of the hops shine through. This is the perfect beer for hop-heads! Gold medal winner, 3D IPA earned a place in the winning "Top 30" selection at the New World Beer and Cider Awards 2021.

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Peak Haze 6.3%

You've heard of peak oil, now peak haze has hit! This Hazy IPA is the pinnacle of hazys, so we had to name it Peak Haze. 

Created with a selection of NZ and US hops, Peak Haze is bursting with tropical fruit flavours, while wheat and oats give it the signature haze and soft mouth feel.

This beer is juicy as!

Isthmus Peak Haze Hazy IPA.JPG


No Man's Land 4.7%

Bronze medal winner at Brewers Guild New Zealand Awards. XPA (Extra Pale Ale) is a beer that doesn't fit into official style guidelines, so you could say that it sits in no man's land. But never mind where you put it, when it tastes this good, it occupies a world of its own! The NZ Pilsner malt base gives this beer its pale straw colour and accentuates the massive citrus hop kick, leaving a crisp, dry finish that will have you thirsting for more.

Isthmus, No Man's Land XPA
Isthmus, Sour Beer, Gone Troppo.JPG


Gone Troppo 4.5%

Silver medal winner at the Brewer's Guild New Zealand Awards, Gone Troppo is a kettle soured beer with no added flavouring.

The incredible taste comes from the beer being fermented on a crazy amount of mango and passionfruit pulp. It is bursting with tropical fruit flavour and aroma, with a tart and refreshing finish.

You'll go Troppo when you try it!


Berry Blush 4.5%

Just like a beer cocktail! You won't find anything added to this beer other than real fruit. Fermented with the perfect balance of juicy raspberries, hibiscus flowers and zesty lime juice, this kettle sour is tart and delicious with a signature ruby hue.

 Isthmus, Berry Blush, Berry Beer, Kettle Sour, Sour beer
Isthmus, Typhoon Haxy IIPA


Typhoon 8%

Typhoon Hazy IIPA: There's a tropical storm brewing and it's going to be huge! Hunker down and prepare your taste buds for the full force of Typhoon's hop blast. This double IPA is double dry hopped, to maximise tropical fruit flavour and juiciness. You're about to be blown away!

Hazy IPA: Cloud Series #1

Nimbus 6.5%

Rain from this cloud will shower you in a tropical fruit storm! The hops, fruit character and haze of this beer will leave you singing in the rain.

It just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining.

Ishmus, Nimbus, Hazy IPA.JPG

Hazy IPA: Cloud Series #2

Cumulus 6.5%

This beer has a mouthfeel as soft and pillowy as a luminous cloud. Hoppy, fruity and of course cloudy, this beer will put you on cloud nine!

Hazy IPA: Cloud Series #3

Cirrus 6.5%

High altitude clouds. This beer will elevate you to a higher plane. So juicy and cloudy, one drink of it and you will have your head in the clouds!

Isthmus,Cirrus, Hazy IPA
Isthmus, Stratus, Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA: Cloud Series #4

Stratus 6.5%

Like the layered wisps of a stratus cloud, this beer is multi-layered. With its hop kick, fruit juice burst and smooth texture, it will have you walking on air.


Isthmus, Mixed 4, Craft Beer
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